Jamburglar on the Loose

Altitude Sickness is flying high after the release of his interactive digital LP, The Jamburglar, available for your listening and participatory pleasure here. This Altadena native has graced the stages of Los Angeles’ legendary Low End Theory, toured as part of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), and enjoyed a residency at WPRB 103.3 FM in New Jersey. Hosting weekly parties featuring performances from the likes of GZA, Nosaj Thing, People Under the Stairs, and many others, Altitude Sickness’ greatest accomplishment to date may easily be his two homemade monomes, concocted out of Tupperware containers and made with lots of love. Altitude Sickness is currently chasing his PhD. and spearheading the monome movement in Los Angeles.

REINVENTING THE MUSICAL experience, bridging the line between artist and audience while producing the eclectic, multidimensional mash-ups and jam-bangers that run throughout The Jamburglar (not to mention the hours spent wrangling and debugging the project’s Partially Interactive Media Player, or P.I.M.P.) will make anyone a little queasy.

But Altitude Sickness has popped his Dramamine and dropped his album, launching off into uncharted territory with his copilot P.I.M.P. ready to get you bouncing to his monome magic.

The Jamburglar is a mash-up masterpiece of a few songs you know and many you don’t. Throughout the album, Altitude Sickness weaves his diverse and extensive melodic phrases into a seamless composition that hits hard with dubstep ‘wompity womps’, glitch, and hip-hop vibes, with glimmers of Daedelus blinking through the monome lights. Most will recognize the ‘wee-oh-wee’ of Lil’ Weezy’s “Mrs. Officer” on the track “Skip Hop”, or Thom Yorke’s whine on “Faze Funk.” But many will blank on the Yu Miyake and Balinese Monkey Chant samples, hearing it for the first time amongst the Sickness’ multi-layered beats. Yet this is what makes the album, and Altitude Sickness, so compelling: their ability to stretch across the musical landscape to unite sounds above- and underground from different eras and countries to create a smorgasbord of filthy, funky jams ready to rock you into dubmission.

The music isn’t the only part of The Jamburglar. Critical to the complete sensorial experience is the P.I.M.P., which allows the user to customize a visual connection to Altitude Sickness’ beats. Each song comes equipped with an image that can be superimposed with Altitude Sickness’ monome as he was creating his tracks in real-time, using the mini monome control panel in the P.I.M.P.’s left shoulder to set the mood just how you like (go ahead, brush it off).

The effect is a fourth wall breakdown, where the listener is as involved as the artist, taking the reins of the visual realm while the Sickness lays down the audio tracks. It’s like P.I.M.P. slaps you in the face, bringing the listener into the DJ’s world with the bird’s eye monome perspective, allowing them to watch as the beats and samples tick by on top of each song’s personalized image.

All in all, The Jamburglar is a fun listen that showcases the Altitude Sickness’ eclectic musical background while demonstrating a maturity and growth from his past works. Plug in the P.I.M.P. and dial in to some good jams. Why not? It’s free.

Solo Dinero

Solo Dinero by altitude sickness

Coffman vs. Knowles (Featherweight Champion Dub)

Coffman Vs Knowles (Featherweight Champion Dub) by altitude sickness


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