Autumn Gloom/Winter Moon

THIS ONE GOES out to all the people in the Northern Hemisphere stuck indoors because it’s cold and rainy outside, snowy even, suffering from cabin fever educed by ennui and blotted out daylight. Get comfortable with your cup of cocoa, put on a blanket and snug up with your special friend while DJ Jazner takes you on an aqueous journey filled with nice warm bass-y beats to keep you feeling cozy all through these long, cold months. Enjoy!
Autumn Gloom/Winter Moon –
Track List
Yo La Tengo – Little Eyes
Flying Lotus – Table Tennis (Feat. Laura Darlington)
Tortoise – Swung From The Gutters
Michael Jackson – Human Nature
King Midas Sound – Meltdown
Underworld – Push Downstairs
Bjork – Hidden Place
Portishead – Pedestal
Flying Lotus – RobertaFlack (Feat. Dolly)
The Sea and Cake – Darkest Night
Missy Elliot – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
Bob Dylan – Buckets Of Rain
*Note, couldn’t find every song, sorry! Please feel free to comment recommendations/requests.


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