Update – Teen Inc. Grows Up

ALMOST A WEEK ago, jazner wrote about a cutting-edge retro indie funk outfit about to breakthrough from the underground named Teen Inc.

It seems that within that time frame the group hit a growth spurt, losing the ‘Teen’ from its moniker and simply going with Inc.
Inc. has just dropped “A Usual Thang”, a fresh video ready to be gobbled up by your eardrums that melds “Special Tensions” and “Fountains.”

Listen to the filthy slap bass line of Daniel Aged pulling and guiding the song with its heavy undertow.

Lemar sets the groove in a pocket, infusing the rhythmic beat that makes the jam pop off.

Sam’s blaring sax gives it soul, creating the seamless transition from the two tracks. His wonky synth chops stoke the soulful fire even more, wailing in classic ’80s sizzle.

Sir Michael’s rhythm guitar pushes the tunes, keeping the audience on their toes.

And Andrew Aged’s singing and lead guitar round out Inc. with the sexy, hip, night-life glamor that energizes the group with a vibrant luminosity.

“A Usual Thang” is the calm before the storm as Inc. appears to be percolating in anticipation for the drop of a full length. Look for a winter/spring funky release of some bone rattling beats that leave hips on swivels.


One Response to “Update – Teen Inc. Grows Up”

  1. […] to be forgotten are Andrew and Daniel Aged of the LA group Inc., previously documented by jazner here, who have performed in sessions alongside both Arrington and Dâm-Funk, which can be viewed in the […]

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