P.I.M.P.’n with the Sickness

TWO WEEKS AGO jazner pumped out a piece on his good friend Altitude Sickness, showing how he P.I.M.P. slapped the world with his mega-bomb of mash-ups and interactive player that gives the listener a peak inside the Tupperware goodies of his infamous monome on his new album, The Jamburglar.  Don’t get it twisted, these aren’t leftovers, but fresh takes on a variety of jams that get you bobbin’ like a tomcat at a petting party.  Holla.

For those of you out there stuck with the Time and reluctant to get with the Revolution, Altitude Sickness just dropped a video for “Frigid Flux (Redux)” that will get you racing to his site for a quick download of The Jamburglar and its Partially Interactive Media Player.

Those psychedelic squares dotting along the surface are the monome’s magic, pumping out the Animal Collective, Matmos, and other samples as Altitude Sickness tickles his plastic treasure for a tasty treat.  If you find yourself wondering how a DJ is able to bring the noise, organizing a handful of beats that amalgamate to wallop your eardrums with bombastic vibrations, feast your eyes on this sample of the P.I.M.P. done up by none other than the Sickness. Enjoy!


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