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Puffin’ Little Dragon

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AS YOU MAY know by now, jazner, at times, infiltrates a Santa Cruz weekly newspaper with slick blurbs, verbs, and words on the musical haps cruzing through his town.

February’s wave brings a special treat to this quiet surfer town, the Swedish quartet Little Dragon spitting hot fire that’ll stoke Santa Cruz’s flame.

Check out the 2007 self-titled debut by this crew, highlighted by “Constant Surprises”, “Recommandations” and “Turn Left.”

Here’s a peek at  jazner‘s blurb…

Shadowy downtempo soul and minimal electronic smokescreens charge Sweden’s Little Dragon with a magnetic energy matched only by an aurora borealis. Luscious dub bass lines are balanced on druggy trip-hop rhythms and spacey Air-like synth twinklings, powering Little Dragon with a low-key intensity that creeps up like a riptide. At the center of the group is passionate singer Yukimi Nagano, known for her appearances on the Gorillaz’s 2010 album, Plastic Beach, as well as José González’s, In Our Nature



DJ jazner’s Jam of The Day

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SOMETIMES A FRUIT cocktail and bubble bath sound better on a Saturday night than all the debauchery the city has to offer.  Spark up the candles, turn off the lights, and bust out the ice cream while “The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker” blares from DJ jazner‘s speaker box, muffling the hustle and bustle blaring from the streets while you’re getting cozy in the sheets.

Prince is knocking at your door, serving up this downtempo funk track like a tasty berry tart drizzled with the sensual honey of silky smooth soul. How can you not answer the rap of The Purple One? Plug in and tune out, let the purple rain fall.

Bobby Twigzital

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MODERN ANATOMY CLAIMS the human heart has four chambers.  jazner claims one of them is named Tomboy.

In all actuality, there are many names Tomboy has appropriated throughout the years: Tom G., Twigz, Twiglet.  But none is more important than the one he’s sporting today.

Bobby is Tomboy’s newest project repping Partisan Records – and he’s taking it with him to SXSW for a series of concerts that aren’t afraid to go into the Twilight Zone.  Coming out of Massachusetts, Bobby is a six-piece featuring Molly Sarle of Mountain Man that tells the story of an enigmatic Lyme diseased boy who bequeathed his name to the group so his legend would live on.

Although details are sparse and being kept under wraps until the album drops in the near future, you can learn more about Bobby and hear two tracks on their myspace here or Facebook page there.

In the mean time, check out some of Tomboy’s earlier materials when he was with the group, Twigz, from his EP, Dim Picnic.  “Buggy Tide” blares with the tintinnabulation of a rippling waterfall and is a close tie for  jazner‘s personal favorite, competing with the tripped out 90s slacker grunge-like “What Happened Today.”  Our good friend Mr. DJ Altitude Sickness also lends his services for a killer robotic hypnotic bass remix of “Sea Sheets.”

Don’t hesitate to download this gem by Twigz.  But keep your ears to the pavement for Bobby to burst.

DJ jazner’s Jam of the Day

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IF YOU THINK Michael Jordan had jukes, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Check out “Back Up Kid” by Chicago juke pee-wee legend DJ Nate off his late 2010 release Da Trak Genious, a headbanger bompin with full 808 bass and pyrotechnic rhythms that’ll get you poppin on the dance floor.

Just a little jazner treat for all the fellow bass bumpers out there to get ya through those Blue Mondays.

Creepin’ with MINKS

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STRAP UP YOUR combat boots, bust out those black threads and step into the smoggy barroom world where MINKS is celebrating the 1.11.11 release of their debut album, By The Hedge. It’s New Wave throwback night, so watch out for those papier mâché gothic gargoyles and reverberating synth waves flying through the air as you’re traversing through the sardonic melancholy of the crowd to get that half off Jameson drank.

MINKS is the playfully dark pair of Sean Kilfoyle and Amalie Bruun, who have been stewing up in anticipation of their first full length, ringing in 2011 with a druggy shoegaze kick that will get your black bile bubblin.

By The Hedge starts off with the dark garage twang and whining synth shriek of “Kusmi,” enveloping the listener in a luscious and colorful creek of creakiness that pushes upstream with bright timbres that echo Yo La Tengo. Aptly titled “Out of Tune”‘s heroin hangover melody plods like a hunchback with drunk goggles on, balancing the forward motion of “Kusmi” with its scattered harmonies and gurgling vocals.

The rest of the album is a muffled, lo-fi underwater adventure, with an outer sheen as smooth and rich as black velvet. The overlapping guitars on tracks like “Indian Ocean” and “Cemetary Rain” jangle with the upward optimism of forlorn hope.  Others, like “Funeral Song” and the single, “Ophelia,” flashback to the post-punk styles of The Cure and New Order, revisited in a 21st century indie/experimental context.  The stinging synths round out the By The Hedges with a dastardly touch, toning down the hopeful melodies with lighthearted gloom.

Like an Oreo, MINKS seems dark and rough on the outside, only to be filled with silky soft love in the middle. Give the debut a listen to and see what you think.


Cemetary Rain

Don’t Besmear The Hype – Hype Williams

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IT’S THAT CRUMPLED up cassette tape smashed between your car seat and the center console.  That one you completely forgot about until you reached your two fingers down to get that cell phone  you just dropped, and long after you spilled all those countless crumbs and drink drops on top of it, left it slow roasting during those long summer days, and smashed it with hours of sitting and sliding, to the point where its former warble is now a melty wobble of murky music  you can hardly swim through.

So it goes for Hype Williams, the duo of Roy Nnawuchi and Inga Copeland who weave a soundscape of gangly dub, underwater undulations, and enigmatic chill-hop through their two December releases, Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Gettin’ Reel and Untitled.  Take these guys with a grain of salt.  The same people who appropriated the name of the director of such music video classics as Missy Elliot’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” and Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” will also tell you that Joss Stone is the chief financial sponsor of their crew.  These guys are down to play around.

And that’s exactly why jazner has taken a particular interest in these freezer-fresh LPs . It’s the uncanny allure of the hypnotic, lo-fi, fuzzy rhythms flowing at near molasses speeds on a crash-course to beget an inebriated lovechild of Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s Before Today that just gets jazner in a trance many should hop aboard.

The opening track of Find Out What Happens sets the stage for a funky juxtaposition of humor and hip-hop.  Between the bookends of “Rescue Dawn”‘s auto-tuned baby whimpering and a chopped and screwed recount of all the major Pokemon characters is a head shakin’ beat of soulful synths and electric slices ready to set you grooving in a prankster pocket. The dancehall stomping of “Blue Dream” and the lustful yearn of “The Throning” balances Find Out What Happens between delicious tongue-in-chee(k)siness and real bouncing bangers.

Untitled and its seven track array of “Untitled” songs is more experimental and artsy than its counterpart Find Out What Happens, apt in the call to ambiguity and mystery that the name (or lack thereof) suggests. “03 Untitled” borders on the ragga line with heavy R&B dubs in reverse.  The cryptic droll of “01 Untitled” has sentimental overtones that drop off a precipice to twinkling clacking and ethereal noise.  A harder album to grasp, Untitled has undeniable points of pleasure tucked beneath layers of looping lo-fi chants.

You can believe the hype behind Hype Williams and their two new albums.  Just don’t believe anything they say.  Check em out and tune into em yourself and see what kind of rides these grooves take you on.

Rescue Dawn

The Throning

06 Untitled