Don’t Besmear The Hype – Hype Williams

IT’S THAT CRUMPLED up cassette tape smashed between your car seat and the center console.  That one you completely forgot about until you reached your two fingers down to get that cell phone  you just dropped, and long after you spilled all those countless crumbs and drink drops on top of it, left it slow roasting during those long summer days, and smashed it with hours of sitting and sliding, to the point where its former warble is now a melty wobble of murky music  you can hardly swim through.

So it goes for Hype Williams, the duo of Roy Nnawuchi and Inga Copeland who weave a soundscape of gangly dub, underwater undulations, and enigmatic chill-hop through their two December releases, Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Gettin’ Reel and Untitled.  Take these guys with a grain of salt.  The same people who appropriated the name of the director of such music video classics as Missy Elliot’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” and Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” will also tell you that Joss Stone is the chief financial sponsor of their crew.  These guys are down to play around.

And that’s exactly why jazner has taken a particular interest in these freezer-fresh LPs . It’s the uncanny allure of the hypnotic, lo-fi, fuzzy rhythms flowing at near molasses speeds on a crash-course to beget an inebriated lovechild of Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s Before Today that just gets jazner in a trance many should hop aboard.

The opening track of Find Out What Happens sets the stage for a funky juxtaposition of humor and hip-hop.  Between the bookends of “Rescue Dawn”‘s auto-tuned baby whimpering and a chopped and screwed recount of all the major Pokemon characters is a head shakin’ beat of soulful synths and electric slices ready to set you grooving in a prankster pocket. The dancehall stomping of “Blue Dream” and the lustful yearn of “The Throning” balances Find Out What Happens between delicious tongue-in-chee(k)siness and real bouncing bangers.

Untitled and its seven track array of “Untitled” songs is more experimental and artsy than its counterpart Find Out What Happens, apt in the call to ambiguity and mystery that the name (or lack thereof) suggests. “03 Untitled” borders on the ragga line with heavy R&B dubs in reverse.  The cryptic droll of “01 Untitled” has sentimental overtones that drop off a precipice to twinkling clacking and ethereal noise.  A harder album to grasp, Untitled has undeniable points of pleasure tucked beneath layers of looping lo-fi chants.

You can believe the hype behind Hype Williams and their two new albums.  Just don’t believe anything they say.  Check em out and tune into em yourself and see what kind of rides these grooves take you on.

Rescue Dawn

The Throning

06 Untitled


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