Bobby Twigzital

MODERN ANATOMY CLAIMS the human heart has four chambers.  jazner claims one of them is named Tomboy.

In all actuality, there are many names Tomboy has appropriated throughout the years: Tom G., Twigz, Twiglet.  But none is more important than the one he’s sporting today.

Bobby is Tomboy’s newest project repping Partisan Records – and he’s taking it with him to SXSW for a series of concerts that aren’t afraid to go into the Twilight Zone.  Coming out of Massachusetts, Bobby is a six-piece featuring Molly Sarle of Mountain Man that tells the story of an enigmatic Lyme diseased boy who bequeathed his name to the group so his legend would live on.

Although details are sparse and being kept under wraps until the album drops in the near future, you can learn more about Bobby and hear two tracks on their myspace here or Facebook page there.

In the mean time, check out some of Tomboy’s earlier materials when he was with the group, Twigz, from his EP, Dim Picnic.  “Buggy Tide” blares with the tintinnabulation of a rippling waterfall and is a close tie for  jazner‘s personal favorite, competing with the tripped out 90s slacker grunge-like “What Happened Today.”  Our good friend Mr. DJ Altitude Sickness also lends his services for a killer robotic hypnotic bass remix of “Sea Sheets.”

Don’t hesitate to download this gem by Twigz.  But keep your ears to the pavement for Bobby to burst.


One Response to “Bobby Twigzital”

  1. the shaky vibrating beats of buggytide immediately embed themselves into my skin my brain my body i’m not twisting this tick out for a long time, bring on the dis ease. thanks for the bite

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