Puffin’ Little Dragon

AS YOU MAY know by now, jazner, at times, infiltrates a Santa Cruz weekly newspaper with slick blurbs, verbs, and words on the musical haps cruzing through his town.

February’s wave brings a special treat to this quiet surfer town, the Swedish quartet Little Dragon spitting hot fire that’ll stoke Santa Cruz’s flame.

Check out the 2007 self-titled debut by this crew, highlighted by “Constant Surprises”, “Recommandations” and “Turn Left.”

Here’s a peek at  jazner‘s blurb…

Shadowy downtempo soul and minimal electronic smokescreens charge Sweden’s Little Dragon with a magnetic energy matched only by an aurora borealis. Luscious dub bass lines are balanced on druggy trip-hop rhythms and spacey Air-like synth twinklings, powering Little Dragon with a low-key intensity that creeps up like a riptide. At the center of the group is passionate singer Yukimi Nagano, known for her appearances on the Gorillaz’s 2010 album, Plastic Beach, as well as José González’s, In Our Nature



One Response to “Puffin’ Little Dragon”

  1. i can’t decide if i like her not – but, i recognize she’s do’n somethin sweet and crazy. plus, she’s a hottie.

    thanks for the heads up homie.

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