Update – Bobby Blooms

A FEW WEEKS ago jazner wrote to all his friends in internet land about a very special boy out of Altadena named Tom Greenberg and his percolating project out of Vermont/Massachusetts, BOBBY.

Looks like a certain blog decided to jump on the bandwagon and ride jazner‘s coattails, debuting BOBBY’s new single “Sore Spores” amidst some ‘interesting’ write-ups describing the music as “Appalachian folk”.  Hmm…to each their own.

Blooming like a luscious chanterelle under a moist oak tree after a rainstorm, “Sore Spores” spreads its rhizomagic through the crystalline voice of Molly Sarle (Mountain Man) and the bellowing buzz of Tom G. Molly and Tom’s voice match up like pieces in a puzzle, creating an aural image of harmonic hallucinations that are both ghostly and wonky, but warm all around.

The vibe is kooky, heady, and super silly like a mushroom trip, wobbling on a wicked bass line by Jules and crisp percussion from Martin as this sextet takes your ears on a multi-layered, diversely dimensional carpet ride of cuddles.

BOBBY is hitting the road for an east coast/midwest tour, making stops at The Bowery Ballroom and Chicago’s Lincoln Hall, to name a few, before it blows the suits off the industry’s suits at SXSW.

Don’t be afraid to eat these spores. Check out the single from Partisan Records, and come back for more soon enough!

Sore Spores


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