Pure Puro Instinct

IT’S ALWAYS THE pure that gets you the most lifted.  One hit of Puro Instinct’s upcoming full-length, Headbangers In Ecstasy, and it’s blastoff to outer space on a light beam of jangly, dreamy guitar, heady synths and womping bass, accompanied by master space cadet Ariel Pink trailing through the wake.

L.A. natives Piper and Skylar Kaplan anchor the crew formerly known as Pearl Harbor, whose  glam infused Russian Constructivism “Stilyagi” 7″ garnered some buzz throughout the indie world.

Headbangers In Ecstasy is ready to drop on what happens to be jazner‘s birthday, Feb. 22nd. Like the name suggests, the album  juxtaposes seemingly contrasting ideas and coexists in polar worlds.  There’s a twisted, distorted, nightmarish vibe to the tracks, balanced by 90s sunny sways with piping synth. An uncanny, creepy innocence rides throughout, waving through cheery rifts and fuzzy, haunting lo-fi.

Of course, if you prefer the geniuses at Pitchfork to jazner‘s humble views, you’ll see they gave Headbangers a 5.8 (whatever that means) and writes, “you can hear a bass at points, though its presence is all but theoretical.” Take a listen to the funky line thrown down on “Silky Eyes” and see if you agree. That is, if you can even catch it…

There are gems throughout the album, with a fuller, more developed “Slivers of You” updated from the Pearl Harbor EP version you can catch here. “Vapor Girls” has a downtempo Stereolab tone that’ll get you to ecstatic headbanging status.

Headbangers will be coming to a local record store near you Feb. 22nd.  Support them both!

Silky Eyes / Stilyagi


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