A Lone Tribute


WINDS ARE BLOWIN strong, and nostalgic gusts of old parties’ pasts have hit jazner with an unstoppable force to get up and groove.

Leading the way is Matt Cutler, also known as Lone, the UK DJ who kicks off Kode9’s DJ KiCKS with his futuristic space odyssey “Once In A While.” With his 2010 release, Emerald Fantasy Tracks, and 2009’s Ecstasy & Friends, which remains one of jazner‘s personal favorites, Lone strikes 21st century shout-outs to the forefathers of electronic music in illuminating the Detroit Techno sound of the 80s.

Raffish on the surface, Emarld‘s jamz like “Cloud 909”, “Re-schooling”, and “The Birds Don’t Fly This High” hit you with a mesmerizing array of crispity claps, crunchy snaps, laser synths and buzzing bass that’ll get you dippin into all sorts of trouble as the party rages in the background.  Paired with “To Be With A Person That You Really Dig”, “Sungrazer Cascade” and “Endlessly” off Ecstasy & Friends and you’ll shake from your trance, only to realize you’ve been raging in the Hacienda for hours. Step off the dance floor and sneak a peek outside to see if the sun’s about to rise, cuz we don’t want this night to end…

…and since it’s still dark out and the party is bompin, jazner‘s got a lil playlist in honor of electronic music’s younger days. Click the link above if you’d like to escape to a technical world in which the human spirit has become reincarnated into machine, and sequencers are the rule of the land, long before dubstep, torrents, and computer mixers.  Dust off that prehistoric fossil and plug in that Roland TR-909.  Jackpot! Have fun.


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