The Mythstery of Daedelus

LATHER ON THAT high SPF sunscreen, this one’s soaring to wax melting heights on a crash course to the sun.  LP’s don’t usually hang well in this heat, but jazner‘s got them protected under his wing with his myth busting abilities, throwing caution to the wind to make this flight glide with groov-ease.

Labyrinth fugitive Daedelus has done it again, springing from his prison island with his new album, Bespoke, off of Ninja Tune, adding to his indelible mark on the L.A. beatscene with his exotic samples ranging from the Latin sass of samba rhythms to the French Bistro-style wine drunk accordion. King of the monome, Flying Lotus cohort and Low End Theory O.G., Daedelus, a.k.a. Alfred Darlington has been consulted time and time again by our friend DJ Altitude Sickness as a monome guru pushing the boundaries of where digital samplings can take us.

Bespoke features glitchy beats that cut and jerk like a driver new to manual transmission and a Chicago juke-like sound reminiscent of young buck DJ Nate.  jazner‘s personal favorite is the “Penny Loafers” cut featuring fellow Angelino Inara George.  Thumping with guttural tribal beats, Flying Lotus-like shakes and forlorn operatic Glasser-like wailings, “Penny Loafers” is the gust that pushes Daedelus’ wings over the edge to a blissful free-fall.

Other notables are the Busdriver infused soulful house of “What Can You Do” and Bespoke‘s lead-off hitter, “Tailor-Made” ft. Milosh, that builds with dark, head-banging beat buds that kick the mood off right.

Bespoke is the latest edition in the detailed discography of Daedelus’ career.  Always close to jazner‘s heart will be the Exquisite Corpse LP, featuring the classics “Just Briefly”, “Fallen Love”, and “Drops (Cyne Collaboration)”.  Check ’em out and enjoy your Saturday night!


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