Icarus Annoymous

AS DADDY DAEDELUS laid the groundwork for the monumental monome machine, a team of Icarus whippersnappers have grabbed the torch and marched towards the scorching southwestern sun for Gridfest: A Monome Music Festival in Santa Fe, NM May 6-8.

Check the festival’s promo video, which features the star of the show, and jazner‘s good friend, DJ Altitude Sickness, who will be headlining the festival’s second night alongside the cutting edge class of monome wranglers. The video samples “Frigid Flux (Redux)” off of Altitude Sickness’ latest album, The Jamburglar, . giving the viewer an idea as to how the machine works. Hopefully, the Sickness doesn’t fly too close to the sun as to melt his trusty tuperware creations..

Speaking of the Sickness, check out his new video to “The Glass Is Half Noise”, inspired by the monome flower above and featuring cuts form Pinback and Gang Gang Dance.

If you’re still confused as to how the flashing buttons correlate to the musical expressions, check out this video here for an uber nerdy and in-depth analysis to the innards of the monome, revealing the magician’s secret for those still in the shadows.

Mark your calendars for the electronic jubilation that will be hitting New Mexico this spring, and bring that sunscreen!


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