Beats à L’Orange

THIS RECIPE CALLS for a heavy dose of hi-frequency marmalade generously applied to the headphones for some sticky-sweet beats that’ll make your midnight snack taste just right.

Today’s platter pits L’Orange’s The Manipulations EP for your palate, available for download and listening pleasure above. Sampling melodramatic 40s and 50s cuts with trip-hop rhythms and jangly gypsy piano rifts, L’Orange conjures Avalanches-like turntablism for a complete album that lingers in your head and develops more flavor with age. Check “Oh, Curious World” to see what jazner means.

The highlights of the meal reside with “No Friend of Mine” and “Mr. Lonely”, two tracks using the angst of loneliness to create powerful bangers to go with your mash. But through and through, The Manipulations will satiate anyone’s hunger for bellowing bass and druggy kook music.

It’s no wonder The Manipulations is so long for an EP, with people lining up for seconds to pin these jamz on repeat. Help yourself to a plate.


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