Leaky Pants

KEEP YOUR PANTS on, we’ve still got another month until Stones Throw soldier James Pants releases his self-titled LP April 19th.

In the meantime, however, there’s a little treat in the change pocket with “Alone”, the first single off the soon-to-be unleashed full-length.

“Alone” reflects James Pants’ trademark inability to be simplified by genre generalities.  Part Ariel Pink raffishness with groggy vocals, fuzzy buzzes and 70s/80s cop sitcom theme music, “Alone” sprinkles in some Japanese influenced synth tinkles overlaid on a funky bass line and poppy clap drums.

…And since jazner hates to tease and tantalize, here are a couple other favorites from the album that have leaked throughout the internet megaspace.

“Screams Of Passion” showcases Lou Reed-like vocals over budding synth and a tromping rhythm.

“Every Night” glides with an electric slide on a rainy neon night, bass full-throttle, guitar accenting the motion, and Pants’ whispery vocals dotting the soundscape.

Enjoy these sneak peaks and be sure to support your local record store April 19th when the album drops.



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