Young Man

PURE HAPPENSTANCE LED jazner to Illinois boy Colin Caulfield and his project, Young Man. Tucked in the backyard stage of Klub Krucial under a blazing SXSW Austin sun, jazner withstood the heat and stumbled on the group, falling into a trance induced by dreamy reverb and swirling guitars that rehydrated a tune-thirsty dude fishing for his groove.

Caulfield was gracious enough to lend out a copy of Boy, a 7 song concept EP about growing up, composed solely by Caulfield himself in 2010 off Frenchkiss Records. There are traces of Panda Bear’s Person Pitch strewn throughout the album, with hypnotic rhythms, ghostly vocals, humming bass and psychedelic guitars layered atop and within one another to form a complex soundscape that will leave a tingle in the ears.

“Up So Fast” thumps through a churning rhythm that drops with a tribal, low-end heavy drum pattern, only to switch it up halfway with a sandy beach fueled gleeful jam. “Hands” also highlights the EP with its guttural, mesmerizing lo-fi energy.

The cherry on top, Caulfield divulged, was that fellow Chicago musician John McEntire, well known for his drumming and production skills as well as his involvement with Tortoise and The Sea And Cake, took a major interest in Young Man and is in the process of producing their upcoming full-length. You know that gets jazner excited. The album would be with a four-piece ensemble, with 3 guitars and drums, although one guitar is put through an effect which makes it sound super bassy.  Don’t fret.

Below is the album in full, which is the suggested way to peer into the world of Young Man.  But if you’re short on time check out the choice select.  Enjoy!

Boy Full-Length

Up So Fast


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