DJ jazner’s Jam of the Day

THE WINDISH AGENCY was a good place to be in general during SXSW.  There were great vibes, awesome artists, and lots of rare Miami amber.  Had to be there.

So when jazner waltzed in March 18th and saw Mount Kimbie, he finally caved in and bought Crooks & Lovers and immediately tuned into “Would Know”.

With a slowed down 2-step rhythm, “Would Know” transforms as the track develops.  The first part has a Burial like trudge to it  like walking in the muck, only to be picked up in the latter half by a bass-heavy dub groove that’s rich and full-toned, with a final anti-climatic buildup that challenges audience’s preconceived notions of electronic song structures and takes you on an alternative path.  It’s like that.

The video’s got all you need, arts and crafts, snugs and cuds, the works.  Tune on and turn it up!


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