Phantom Tails

THE AUSTIN GRIME starts to show on the streets and be felt in the body in the waning days of SXSW, which made jazner‘s discovery of Minneapolis quartet Phantom Tails at the Beauty Bar’s March 19th day party (seen above) all the more apropos.

Wailing with crusty garage intensity, Phantom Tails knocks you out with cringing guitar and blistering drums. Their album, Sounds Of The Hunchback Whale, rocks with a punk grittiness to it that’ll leave you scrubbing the dirt from your ears after a listen.

“It’s an old gravel road leading to a desolate casino town,” Sergio Hernandez, who plays keys it he group, tells jazner. “Picture a futuristic cowboy with a ray gun.”

“A post-apocalyptic future,” Dave Dorman, who plays bass, corrects.

The track “Light Of The World” covers the soundscape with the soot of a burning industrial fire, thumping with animalistic energy. “All Good Things” is a headbanging freakfest of ear shredding amplitude, with “Jade” rounding off the gritty edges and sending the album off with a downtempo cool-out jam.

For Phantom Tails, the land of 10,000 lakes provides a perfect location to channel their inner musical ferocity.

“Minneapolis is a solid breeding ground for music,” Dorman points out.  “It’s got everything you’d want, and we like to incorporate everything from the more experimental to rockabilly to the avant-garde.”

Give Sounds Of The Hunchback Whale a listen below and watch out West Coasters for a potential summer tour.






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