TAKE A SLIGHT detour from Austin for a sec and head up the California coast to San Francisco where Paul Salva, producer and owner of the Frite Nite label, dropped his first LP, Complex Housing, on the Friends of Friends label earlier this February.

Complex Housing provides a hybrid variety of house and UK funky somewhat reminiscent of UK DJ Lone that slangs a wicked array of sticky jams and warm blanketing bass that’ll keep you cozy throughout your late night journeys.

The laser Dam-Funk-like synth and heavy dub wonkiness of “Wake Ups” rattles your insides with heart wrenching soulful breaks.

“40 Karats ft. Zachey Force Funk” slows it down for a super sassy and sexy groove perfect for those on the cool down tilt and looking for something a little more snuggy.

The video for “Keys Open Doors” is awesome, and the track highlights Salva’s background with the UK funky drum track, accenting the eighth note and moving beyond the traditional four-on-the-floor structure.

Keep your eyes peeled for Frite Nite parties throughout the Yay Area.  In the mean time, let Complex Housing get your night hyphy.

Wake Ups

40 Karats ft. Zachey Force Funk

Keys Open Doors


One Response to “Salva”

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