Closer Look: BOBBY – Groggy


LET’S TAKE A closer look at BOBBY’s latest single, “Groggy”, with the help of BOBBY brain Tom Greenberg.

“Groggy” breaks the traditional verse/chorus/verse mold, continually moving forward and pushing the track on through a dark, weary, muggy world that Greenberg notes can be representative of living through a day with Lyme disease, something he was diagnosed with.

“Lyme disease is a big constituent of ideas,” Greenberg states.

“It’s like you try to keep organized but you’re lost, tired, slow moving.  BOBBY’s sick all the time,” he points out, which can be heard in the heaviness of “Groggy” that culminates with a hi-fi Sonic Youth melodic clash fest perhaps personified as someone being at frustration’s end. Powerful stuff.

The track never repeats, weaving in and out of a haze while painting traces of sounds that truly take you on a journey to an unknown world.

The creepy, funky loop that opens the track bounces in your ears, balancing out the beautiful guitar harmonies of Greenberg and Paolo Menuez.

Greenberg’s wispy vocals provide a sense of confusion and tension, adding to the dark layers of “Groggy”.

And does jazner really need to repeat himself about Julian Labat’s insane bass chops?

As honorary roadie-slash-groupie of BOBBY, jazner holds “Groggy”, and all the other tracks, super close to his heart.  He hopes you can let it into yours.


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