Bangs & Works Vol. 1

CAUTION: THIS ONE’S an ankle breaker.  Having only been exposed to Chicago juke superstar DJ Nate’s Da Trak Genious, jazner decided to take the plunge after a rigorous crate digging sesh at his local record store and cop  V/A – Bangs & Works Vol. 1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation off of Planet Mu Records, only to spend the night in bed with a sprained ankle after trying to recreate these sick Chicago footwork moves seen below.

Building off of Chicago’s history as the originators of house music, the Chicago juke sound uses high-speed jungle-like drums with snares, whips, snaps and toms galore, as well as heavy 808 bass and samples ranging from chipmunk speed to chopped-and-screwed swang.  The result is a barrage of mish-mash rhythms and tones that’ll get the party crunk in no time.

The album is full of bludgeoning bass bangers, none heavier than Traxman “The Comeback”, DJ Rashad “Itz Not Right”, and DJ Trouble “Fuck Um Up Jus Basics”. DJ Nate also gets funky with “Ima Dog” and “He Ain’t Bout It”.

Tune in if you want to get durty and start practicing those moves if you want to make some new friends tonight on the dance floor.  Holla!

The Comeback

Itz Not Right

Fuck Um Up Jus Basics


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