TIME TO BLAST off into hyperspace with Hyperdub’s commander-n-beats Kode9 and longtime partner-n-rhymes The Spaceape. The space dub cowboys just dropped the “Otherman/Love Is The Drug (ft. Cha Cha)” 12″, further tantalizing anxious fans, especially jazner, who will be lining up April 18th to pick up the new LP Black Sun.

“Otherman” busts out with a melodramatic funeral procession-like intro that bleeds into a jittery beat full with rich bass tones and The Spaceape’s drone flows.  The drop is smooth and dark, creeping into your earphones like a ship at night.

“Love Is The Drug” brings back Cha Cha, who laid the vocal track on Kode9’s “Time Patrol Dub”.  Her vocals in “Love” tempt you to take a dip into drugy synth and UK Funky beats that bounces from accents to offbeats, making the track feel like it’s chomping forward through muggy dub.

Kode9 will be at the XLR8R magazine launch party at the 1015 Folsom in San Francisco April 15th.  You know jazner can’t wait to slip on his dance shoes for that one.


Love Is The Drug (ft. Cha Cha)

Time Patrol Dub


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