The Sea And Cake

LIGHT AND AIRY for those hot spring and summer days, The Sea and Cake have a petit album, The Moonlight Butterfly, set to drop May 30th off Thrill Jockey, with six new tracks composed to nourish those feeling hungry in the 3 year absence since Car Alarm was released.

With Sam Prekop’s wispy vocals and guitar and John McEntire’s impeccable drumming, The Moonlight Butterfly continues in The Sea and Cake tradition of creating vibrant and colorful melodies that’ll warm you with beats like sun soaked sands do for your feet.

“Lyric” chimes with fluid guitar harmonies and effects to create a willowy and swaying vibe like a smooth breeze.

The single “Up on the North Shore” has a more up-beat pace, dropping some Maui-like beachy guitars and a bright melody.

An instant addition to your summer rotation, keep your ears open for the mini-album to drop May 30th.


Up on the North Shore


One Response to “The Sea And Cake”

  1. Lyric is too crisp. Thanks Jaznah!

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