Sun Araw

LIKE THAT FLY ball that never landed, left floating through a mackerel sky of sounds in an upward torpor to wherever, Cameron Stallones, the skipper at the helm of Sun Araw and Sun Ark records, recently hit it out the park with Houston Abstros, a 7″ doubleheader with “Bump Up” and a goopy take on Teenage Fanclub’s “December”.

“Bump Up” mulls through a bumbling bass and constant rhythm, overlaid by fuzzy guitars, gurgly effects, and plenty of curveballs.

“December” is like stomping through a jungle of jumbled echoes, a muskeg of warped frequencies thick with heavy tones.

Sun Araw will be opening for Animal Collective April 14th at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, and you already know jazner will be there early to catch the pregame.  Hit it!

Bump Up



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