Black Sun Rising

HYPERDUB’S HEAD HONCHO Kode9 is back with The Spaceape, serving up some solar fire on their second full-length, Black Sun.

Five years after the two dropped Memories Of The Future, Kode9 & The Spaceape completely flipped the switch on their sound for Black Sun.  Whereas Memories felt more spacey, both in the sense of roominess and drugginess, with a reggae vibe lurking in the shadows and droning rhythms from the drum and bass, Black Sun is much more compact, with quick hitting UK funky drums banging the offbeats all over the place, glossy synths, and the female vocal presence of new comrade Cha Cha to offset The Spaceape’s tantric flows.

The perfect bridge between the two albums is “Neon Sign ft. Cha Cha”, which begins with a field recording, Burial-like tape tappings, calling back to Memories classics like “Nine” or “Glass”.  The track smoothly drops with a warm bass, popping snare snaps and hi-hat clinks ready to get you hop steppin’ all over the floor.

Black Sun‘s bookends are particularly noteworthy.  The first track “Black Smoke” weaves between juke and funky rhythms, shaking it up with jumping drums and swampy synths that continue to ebb and flow throughout the album.  Flying Lotus helps close it out on the final track “Kryon”, an electronic daze with tiny pitter patters, woozy synth and a low bass hum.

“Green Sun” lets Kode9’s voice on Black Sun ring the clearest, showcasing the UK funky drum pattern and heavy bass with a minimal yet poignant synth presence that all comes together in an extremely well produced piece of grimy goodness.

A step in a different direction from Memories, Black Sun is packed full of bangers that’ll keep you raging on through the night.  Cop a copy today

Black Smoke


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