I Am The Dot

SIX EPS ARE a lot to haul out of a record store.

So Zach Tipton, the man behind I Am The Dot, did us all a favor and recently compiled his previous releases into one big LP, A Collection of Songs (2008-2010), which you can purchase at his Bandcamp.

Collection weaves in and out of moods and timbre Tipton engaged in throughout his three year trek as I Am The Dot, moving from the crystalline, Brian Wilson Smile-like pop of “We Have Not Arrived”,  to the slacker “River of Solitude” and wonky church organ fueled “Formaldehyde”.

The standouts on the album primarily come from I Am The Dot’s self-titled debut EP way back when in 2009.  “Oranges” kicks the album off with an ethereal wallow through forlorn guitars and vocals that are crisp and ardent.  “Love Song for Camus” has a choppy drum track that perfectly offsets colorful jingles of sleigh bells and popping background vocals.  “Middle of April” breaks it down for a sick chorus and autumnal feel.

Sample the album below and check out the video for “Love Song for Camus”.


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