Machinedrum Treats To Come

Machinedrum - Room(s) Planet Mu Records

THE SUMMER’S SET to get hotter when Travis Stewart, best known for his work as MachineDrum and representing half of Sepalcure, drops his new LP, Room(s), July 11 off Planet Mu Records.

Take a sneak peak and sample the album at Planet Mu.

It already sounds like there are some bangers waiting to pop off this record, with “Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real”, “The Statue”, “Youniverse” and “Door(s)” firing up an early interest on jazner‘s radar.

Room(s)‘s available samples seem to suggest MachineDrum combines different shades of juke, jungle, garage, and soul to formulate a bass heavy, uptempo vibe that’ll set the footworkers feet aflame and make the dance floor go insane.

While you wait for the album to drop, check out a remix MachineDrum rolled out on his Soundcloud this week, a juke edit of Roni Size’s “New Forms” that bleeds into a jungle jam so ripe for replay.

Boiler Room also released a new MachineDrum track, “Listen 2 Me”, that slowly creeps along with nocturnal bass, minimal pings and a warped vocal sample.

Roni Size – New Forms (MD Juke Edit)

Listen 2 Me


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