Velvet Lounge

DRIFTING THROUGH THE silky speakers at the jazner lounge tonight is “Innervision”, a downtempo soulful groove smoothed out by Fatima and poised to drop on her new EP Follow You off Eglo later next week .

The mastermind behind the subtle, sexual beat is Floating Points, pumping out a full-bodied 808 and a velvet rhythm that melts like hot fudge on ice cream.

“Innervision” is sleek like a raven’s feather, drawing out laterally with a wingspan set for a late night flight to the center of soul.

Keep your eyes peeled for Follow You at your local record shoppe.


2 Responses to “Velvet Lounge”

  1. […] goosebumps up and down the body.  Check out the video for “Innervision” in a previous post, or listen to “Mind” below, with its staccato synth dottings and Fatima’s […]

  2. […] Rhodes vibrations and soothing tones that recall Floating Points and Fatima’s collaborative Follow You […]

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