Who Be Co. Fee

RON STIVERS OF Pasadena’s Poo Bah records and grand marshal of the Doo Dah parade alongside Queen Red Rosie (holla!) led jazner on to crispy L.A. beat crafter Co. Fee and his latest EP Easy Listening off My Hollow Drum Records.

“Kali” pops off as the hit of the record with some hazy Eastern flows and a stealthy beat, an undercurrent of dark intensity pulling the track along like a swimmer at sea dragged away in a moonless night.

“Destroy & Rebuild” kicks the album off with some headbanging funky beats that’ll make you snarl and show your grill, followed by a jolt of energy from “Spark Plug” with a buzzing synth and a booming drum track.

The B-side is just as fresh, “Asante” creating a jam echoing Fela Kuti yet sneaking a 70s disco funk sound in between the lines.

Get your copy  of  great beat bangers from Co. Fee today.


Spark Plug


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