Vamp Queen

NOT NOT FUN’S Queen Bee and sole soul seductress of LA Vampires Ms. Amanda Brown is set to release a 12″ collaboration later this month with NNF cohort Daniel Martin-McCormick of Ital and Mi Ami.

Building on Brown’s tradition of working with fellow friends like Matrix Metals and Zola Jesus, the new EP will be from LA Vampires Goes Ital, and “Streetwise” is the group’s first available cut.

“Streetwise” is immersed in the thickest of Brown’s signature molasses dub, super heavy on the low end with faint tin pan synth pings floating to the surface like scattered air bubbles popping in soggy swamp waters.  A collage of frozen models flaunting the styles of yesterdecade pose across the screen, unable to upstage the DIY glam of Brown and her leather jacket, her voice and image faintly materializing through the video’s foggy aesthetic.  Seductively blasé like a porcelain doll, Brown’s vocals effortlessly fall from her tongue, giving the track a vague texture of passion.

Protect your neck for LA Vampires Goes Ital dropping later this summer on Not Not Fun.  Enjoy the video in the meantime


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