Night Cap

WIND DOWN FROM the grind and cozy up with a cuddler for the honeycomb cut “Romance Layers” off Gang Gang Dance’s latest album, Eye Contact, off 4AD.

Mimicking the bedazzled bug lounging on the cover’s flower, a chirruping synth shines through the intro of “Romance Layers”, squeaking a midnight mating call of percolating passion to all those grooving on the late night play time tilt.  A downtempo constant rhythm develops, with a subtle funky bass line clanging through the thickets ready to pounce with some sick licks.  Vocalist Liz Bougatsos tiptoes the line between Kate Bush and Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano, seducing you to enter Gang Gang Dance’s bizarre bazaar of abstract forms and swirling timbre bridging East and West through sonic undulations.

Listen to “Romantic Layers”, as well as the rest of Eye Contact, here.


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