Room(s) Peephole

THERE’S A RUMBLING on the Earth’s surface, and it’s not from any drumrolls.  Tectonic plates are shifting after Machinedrum, in anticipation of his Room(s) LP set to drop July 11th off Planet Mu, teamed up with The Vinyl Factory’s FACT magazine for a mix that drills deep to the bedrock with pecking beats and roaring, cavernous bass.

The mix and an interview are available here.

Jungle and juke are tucked within the mix’s high voltage core, melding together for a hyper-electrified, drum’n’bass infused earthquake that’ll send listeners shaking into sonic submisison.  This fusion is on full display at roughly the 42′ mark, where we move from the Roni Size and Reprazent “Morse Code” off the drum’n’bass classic New Forms to the choppy juke jump of “Break Dat” from XI.  It’s a peek inside Room(s), illustrating Machinedrum’s recent trajectory and blurring of electronic and temporal lines.

The two styles match up well, with both jungle and juke keeping high BPMs.  While jungle has a smoother, more polished flow and crisp drum track, juke putters along like a driver just learning how to drive stick, lurching forward with a nervous intensity.  Yet once the initial speed shock is settled, both styles give way to  underlying, drawn out mellow waves of undulating bass and calmness that transcend the superficial jerkiness and jumpiness that are quick to spike the eardrums.

Check out the mix and keep an eye out for Room(s) this summer.

FACT Mix 248 Machinedrum


MF Grimm – Emotions [Day By Day]
DJ Taktix – Hornz for 94 (Philip D Kick Footwork Edit) [Unreleased]
DJ Diamond – Go Hard [Planet Mu]
DJ Spinn – Man I Do It [Planet Mu]
Tom & Jerry – Yamming Snacks Like Jerry (Machinedrum Footwork Edit) [Unreleased]
Secret Squirrel – Jungle Squirrel (Machinedrum Footwork Edit) [Unreleased]
Distal – Behold The Jungle Bootleg [Well Rounded]
Chrissy Murderbot – Club Cirque Riddim [Planet Mu]
EPROM – Twerkul8 [Unreleased]
Africa Hitech – Foot Step [Warp]
Machinedrum – Boxoff [Unreleased]
Mike De Underground and Cool Hand Flex – Day to Day [De Underground]
Dok – Your Love [’89 Revival]
The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream) [Production House]
Return Of Macka Brown – Dub Heaven (Machinedrum Edit) [Unreleased]
Untouchables – N Joi This (Machinedrum Edit) [Unreleased]
Vicious Crew – No Politics Vol 2 A1 [Stomp]
Falty DL – Jungle 12-10-10 [Unreleased]
Plug – Feelings [Blue Planet Recordings]
Roni Size & Reprazent – Morse Code [Mercury]
XI – Break Dat [Unreleased]
Son Of Kick – Playing the Villain (Machinedrum Remix) [Muti Music]
Lil Wayne – Six Foot Seven Foot [Young Money]
Walkmen – Countdown Theory [Atomik]


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