Dancing In Museums

A NOSTALGIC GLOW is permeating from the campfire of Art Museums, who are stoking the flames of their latest 7″ DANCING EP off Slumberland Records, available on vinyl early this summer.  Digital copies featuring an extra track are available for download here.

The EP is a jangle jellybean covered in a thick coating of 80s wistfulness with lo-fi granules. There’s a nod to British Mod and a subtle, fake English accent wriggling within the tracks.  It is light in weight and bright in color, emphasized in the glittering guitar and synth breaks in “You Don’t Want To Live Like That” and upbeat pulse of “Imaginary Day”.

The playful, sunny melodies at times contrast dark and morose lyrics. “Dancing With A Whole In Your Heart” tells the story of a recluse “melting away every afternoon”, whose friends gave up on him and resulted to spreading embarrassing gossip behind his back.  “Imaginary Day” touches on a former love and the bleeding of reality and a dream, the singer noting “the look in your eyes makes me think of a tragedy” and “I always seem to fall apart in dreams”.

The dichotomy between the EP’s lyrics and music illustrate the depth and creative imaginations of Art Museums’ Josh Alper and Glenn Donaldson.  DANCING EP is old school pop on point, bouncing and bubbly yet emotional and dark.

Art Museums is set to play at the Woodsist Fest with Sun Araw, Ducktails, Real Estate and more in Big Sur July 30  & 31.  Check out the video for “Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart” and listen to DANCING EP below.


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