Sam Baker’s Album

NOT EVEN THOSE sweet cherubic cheeks will soften the blow from the first cut from Samiyam’s upcoming full-length Sam Baker’s Album, “Cushion”, off BRAINFEEDER June 28th.

Tension, nervousness, and skepticism set the mood for “Cushion”.  The low end tromps like Godzilla in a defenseless metropole, trampling beats with a booming force of breakdown funk and unrelenting thundercloud rumblings.  No headphones are safe from the dubstruction.

The 8-bit synth rains down like a laser beam from above, a fireball illuminating the track’s grittiness and undercurrent of soulful foreboding that can also be heard as a chill hip-hop reassurance that it’s all gonna be good.

Keep the ears open June 28th for Sam Baker’s Album to drop in your local record store.  Till then, here’s some “Cushion” for the pushin.



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