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Real Shlo

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TIME TO SHLO it down a bit with a track off Shlohmo’s upcoming LP Bad Vibes, dropping August 9th on Friends of Friends.

Just Us” provides a glimpse into the soft, shadowy, ambient glow that radiates throughout Bad Vibes.  Instead of samples, Shlohmo played each instrument, recording and looping all the pieces together to form a downtempo, solemn groove full of introspection and wonder.

Ghostly vocals ebb and flow through feathery light keys and magnetic synths.  A gentle, snapping drum beat clicks alongside a muted bass, giving “Just Us” a subtle, smooth flow.

Bad Vibes Tracklist

1. Big Feelings
2. Places
3. Anywhere But Here
4. It Was Whatever
5. Parties
6. Just Us
7. Sink
8. I Can’t See You I’m Dead
9. Trapped In A Burning House
10. Get Out
11. Your Stupid Face
12. Seriously
13. Same Time



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SPELLBINDING SUMMER BEATS brewing from 19 year old Dallas native Justin Ledford, or LDFD, whose upcoming EP, Outtacontrol, is set to drop off Daedelus’ Magical Properties July 19th.

LDFD draws from a diverse set of electro-gredients as he concocts his beat potions.  Viscous, wonky synth rifts sprinkled with booming 808 bass, a dash of riddling juke claps and sultry house rhythms pop throughout Ledford’s Soundcloud.

The warped, snarling dirty south attitude of “Twerk It” wobbles with jelly swag, explaining the director’s vision for the video below.  “Outtacontrol” rains synth and bass on a tweeny female vocal sample that’s perfect to help get the night started right.  And LDFD’s remix of jazner favorites LV & Okmalumkoolkat’s “Boomslang” struts with a swanky synth while slowing it down for a heated grind.

Keep your ears out for Outtacontrol to drop later this summer.  For now peep these jams and check out LDFD’s tumblr for more.


LV & Okmalumkoolkat “Boomslang (LDFD Remix)”

Twerk It

Dakim Dena Day

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SUNDAY, JUNE 26TH marked an extra special day here at jazner headquarters, located in sunny Pasadena, CA.  Numerically it translates into 6.26, which just so happens to be Pasadena’s area code.  So on this fine Dena Day, we celebrate some new music from Dakim, ntoo, a four track 2×7″ put out by Pasadena independent stalwarts Poo-Bah Records and available exclusively here.

ntoo touches down from a wide variety of angles and backgrounds.  Each track is a seamless patchwork of samples and beats that transition and weave into one another with noticeable yet silky ease.  Turntabilist and hip-hop elements spring at you with attitude, only to be followed up by beeping robotic bleeps, switchboard zips, woody drum claps, and the occasional female vocal cut.

“ntoo”, the final track, breaks out the gates with a frenetic, skiddling drum beat and showering synth full of momentum and force.  Halfway through, we’re flipped into reverse, jumbled sounds stumbling over one another in a confused disarray that’s salvaged and held together by a persistent beat and vocal sample seeing the track through to its end.

A hammer dulcimer breezes through “typeofblue” with an aggressive, lo-fi scattered techno beat carrying the track.

No digital samples of ntoo are available yet, so make the trip to Poo-Bah and wrap your arms around a copy for yourself and enjoy this offering.  In the mean time, check out Dakim’s site, as well as  “thekeep” from Wooly Set Dakim released on matthewdavid’s Leaving Records.  Also, check out Poo-Bah staffer Ras G’s mix that features Dakim’s “Somewhere Else” and other bangers from the LA beatscene kids.


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JOLTED INTO DUBMISSION from the bass blitzkrieg at Low End Theory last week by Death Grips, the latest Zach Hill incarnation, jazner has finally awoken from his shock induced coma, ready to discuss his trauma.

Death Grips takes no prisoners as it shreds apart audiences.  Gritty industrial grime, oppressive bludgeoning bass, raw ragged hip-hop flows, and trademark, wickedly abnormal live drumming from Hill create a frenetic punk energy that builds suspense and tension thick enough to slice with a knife.  Tempos break and crumble into new forms and patterns while samples and synths frantically stir mayhem with melody, all within an organized chaos system only Hill and friends understand.

The crew’s full length, Exmilitary, encapsulates the manic intensity of their live sets and is available for free download here.

“Lord Of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)” drops sonic bombs from a juke ghetto bird, the choppy industrial thumps blasting craters in the concrete.

“Culture Shock” whines like a robot undergoing surgery, backed by a swanky beat and mellow spoken word that make a surreal groove comfortably uncomfortable.

“Blood Creepin” smacks with reckless footworkin rhythms blazing at a high anxiety level that makes jazner grimace in ecstasy.

Death Grips is for those who ain’t afraid to get durty.  Less acid meltdown than Hill’s Church Gone Wild with Hella, Death Grips is no less intense and provoking in the best way possible.  Upcoming shows include Low End Theory in San Fransisco July 1st and NYC with Nguzunguzu, juke legend DJ Rashad, and others July 21st.  Peep game if you can hang..



Eglo Summer Peeks

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AIR (E)MAILED DIRECT from London by Alex Nut, co-founder of Eglo Records alongside Floating Points and head of promotion for All Young Kings, are two new cuts off the label for the summer, Mizz Beats’ “Pimpin” and Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam”.

“Pimpin” adds to the growing catalog of Eglo releases for Mizz Beats, whose Are We The Dictators? EP proved her propensity for dropping bass clobbers and bit chip bombs.  The track unfurls with a gooey, elastic synth ooze, opening to a Latin house drum track heavy on the conga blats.  Trilling strings weep for a somber 70s soulful touch, making “Pimpin” an intimate groove with undertones of a yearning heartache.  Check it out on Boomkat or below.

Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam” fires from the other side of the electronic spectrum, pummeling speaker boxes with acid rain synth drops and a retro 80s drum machine robotic beat.  Mesmerizing and amplifying, unapologetic and volatile, “Rolands Jam” is set to ravage summer sets as part of three song EP to be released in July.  Take a listen below.

Eglo is top of the list of labels on notice for 2011.  Alex Nut and Floating Points are brewing special concoctions across the pond.  Stay tuned for more.


Golden Galapagoose

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THE MONOME THRONE will always belong to Daedelus, godfather of the grid, but rumblings of an heir apparent shake from the land down under. At the epicenter is Melbourne native Trent Gill, serving up golden eggs as Galapagoose, the most recent being his Parquet EP.  With aftershock murmurs of an upcoming full length set to drop on Magical Properties, Galapagoose is primed to rattle the beatscene with his monome magic.

Parquet‘s signature track is “Milkwood (w/ Panorama)”.  A despondent Portuguese vocal sample floats through ghostly strings, woozy delayed synth, imploring bass line and broken house drum beat, creating an amorphous and opaque ambiance perfect for the reflective tilt.

The inverted jiggy of “Too Many”  and Mirrors For Eyes-like, ambient chandelier string glisterings of “Summersun” round out Parquet as a piquant EP to pump this summer.

Big ups to Altitude Sickness for looking out on this one. Download Parquet for free, and listen to other jams and the /parallelogram/ side project, at Galapagoose’s tumblr, and check out Galapagoose going to work on the monome below.

Grounded In Floating Points

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LIKE A CONSTELLATION setting a starry backdrop for the throngs of midnight romances dancing beneath its mystic glow, Sam Shephered has been lighting it up as Floating Points, releasing a barrage of alluring EPs and singles as producer and co-founder of London’s elusive Eglo Records.

Unafraid to take it down a notch, Floating Points resides in a vampish 100 BPM lair, unwrapping seductive beats that make you wanna grab your mate and put those bedroom eyes on.  There is a dark steaminess hovering above each track, an unobtrusive approach that doesn’t try to beat you into dubmission with bludgeoning theatrics, but rather provides an alternative angle to electronic tropes through a climatic assemblage of minimal, downtempo grooves.

Floating Points’ most recent release is a two song EP, Frauxz, which features “Marilyn” alongside the title track.  “Marilyn” is a sassy face scruncher pucker-upper, a downtempo funky four on the floor magic carpet ride parading through fireworks of woozy neon synths exploding all around in perilous pleasure to help you get your grind on.

A recent trip to Amoeba Hollywood married jazner and Floating Points’ UK Record Store Day 10″, “Sais (Dub)”, in what looks to be an eternal bond of happiness.  “Sais (Dub)” is structured around a balmy, humid 808 bass that sticks to the bones, paired with a relentless torrent of dubious drum dats, sleaking shadily under shadows like a creeper in the night.  Ambient diamond clangs filter in and out, opening up to a blissful, subdued synth break that provides a respite to counteract the gritty grunts of this grimy gem.

Floating Points also teamed up with fellow Eglo resident and intrepid vocalist Fatima on the Follow You EP, continuing their narrative of alternative electronic music while ratcheting up the heat for some intimate sonic explorations.  Old School hip-hop drum tracks counter fragile organ synth melodies, building an ethereal house sound that sends gaggles of goosebumps up and down the body.  Check out the video for “Innervision” in a previous post, or listen to “Mind” below, with its staccato synth dottings and Fatima’s powerful musings.

Floating Points is taking the game in a different direction, and jazner is down for the ride.  Listen to the tracks and if you’re lucky enough to be in London right now, check out Eglo’s Plastic People event every last Saturday of the month.  Jealous: yes.


Sais (Dub)

Mind (Fatima + Floating Points)