Fresh Inc.

SASS AND SWAG abound when the funk’s thrown down in springtime in LA, giving way to “Eiffel Tower” and “Things That I Would Do”, two hot new tracks from the collaboration of Francis and the Lights and our good friends Inc.  The two groups came together in April, and after a week of recording in the studio, produced these fresh bangers.

Watch the video above and download the tracks here.

“Eiffel Tower” and “Things That I Would Do” provide a great contrast to one another, illuminating different shades and moods while maintaining a low key undercurrent of glam and swank.  The late-night wistfulness of “Eiffel Tower” paints the track as dark and introspective, leaving one “thinking about what could’ve been” as light crystalline keys, crispy drums, and stripped-down bass shower down like moonlight on a lonely cityscape.  “Things That I Would Do” flips the script, busting out strutting and showing a fiery, frenetic attitude with snarling bass, staccato guitar glisterings, and a funky pocket that imbues the party time energy “Eifferl Tower” is winding down from.

The premier group featured on this blog, Inc. always inspires excitement and vibrant energy.  Download the tracks and stop by their website, as well as Francis and the Lights.



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