Room(s)ervice Appetizer

A RELENTLESS DRUM blat sounds off in Brooklyn, a bleating fleet of reverberating beats bumping from Travis Stewart’s latest Machinedrum 12″,  Sacred Frequency, off Planet Mu which offers a tiny yet scrumptious taste of what to expect from the July 25th release of his full-length, Room(s).

Sacred Frequency illustrates the soundscape Stewart has been developing on recent mixes and releases: a hybridization of high-energy, fast-paced polyrhythmic jungle conventions and choppy, puttering, frenetic juke rhythms.  Each track maintains an underlying energy of frenzy and suspense, a jittery caffeine tweakerness gripping the listener with its manic mandibles.

“Fantastix” illuminates the brightest, shining a new light on the rave revivalist wave spearheaded by Lone with a juke interpretation.  Twinkling synth rifts sparkling with an acid sheen flutter by like a fleet of fireflies dancing in a field at twilight.  Old-school female R&B vocals tease with a feverish chipmunk passion, frantic calls to “touch me” hopelessly echoing over the track’s synthesized jungle/juke beat of schizo snare and thumping bass drum.

“Flycatcha (ft. Body Language)” showcases a textbook case of juke jitters, a bass drum kick chomping at the bit of each beat giving the track a jerky and wobbly foundation.  A circular and revolving sense permeates from the different synth tracks, one woozy with drunkeness and another warbling like a bird’s song.

“Listen 2 Me” creeps with a foreboding and ominous vibe, a drone bass supporting tropical xylophone-like plinks that festers with tension and keep anxiety levels high.

Not to be forgotten is “TMPL”, a bonus track from Room(s) available for download here.  Check out Sacred Frequency and keep a look out for Room(s) to drop in a month.


Flycatcha (Ft. Body Language)


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