Grounded In Floating Points

LIKE A CONSTELLATION setting a starry backdrop for the throngs of midnight romances dancing beneath its mystic glow, Sam Shephered has been lighting it up as Floating Points, releasing a barrage of alluring EPs and singles as producer and co-founder of London’s elusive Eglo Records.

Unafraid to take it down a notch, Floating Points resides in a vampish 100 BPM lair, unwrapping seductive beats that make you wanna grab your mate and put those bedroom eyes on.  There is a dark steaminess hovering above each track, an unobtrusive approach that doesn’t try to beat you into dubmission with bludgeoning theatrics, but rather provides an alternative angle to electronic tropes through a climatic assemblage of minimal, downtempo grooves.

Floating Points’ most recent release is a two song EP, Frauxz, which features “Marilyn” alongside the title track.  “Marilyn” is a sassy face scruncher pucker-upper, a downtempo funky four on the floor magic carpet ride parading through fireworks of woozy neon synths exploding all around in perilous pleasure to help you get your grind on.

A recent trip to Amoeba Hollywood married jazner and Floating Points’ UK Record Store Day 10″, “Sais (Dub)”, in what looks to be an eternal bond of happiness.  “Sais (Dub)” is structured around a balmy, humid 808 bass that sticks to the bones, paired with a relentless torrent of dubious drum dats, sleaking shadily under shadows like a creeper in the night.  Ambient diamond clangs filter in and out, opening up to a blissful, subdued synth break that provides a respite to counteract the gritty grunts of this grimy gem.

Floating Points also teamed up with fellow Eglo resident and intrepid vocalist Fatima on the Follow You EP, continuing their narrative of alternative electronic music while ratcheting up the heat for some intimate sonic explorations.  Old School hip-hop drum tracks counter fragile organ synth melodies, building an ethereal house sound that sends gaggles of goosebumps up and down the body.  Check out the video for “Innervision” in a previous post, or listen to “Mind” below, with its staccato synth dottings and Fatima’s powerful musings.

Floating Points is taking the game in a different direction, and jazner is down for the ride.  Listen to the tracks and if you’re lucky enough to be in London right now, check out Eglo’s Plastic People event every last Saturday of the month.  Jealous: yes.


Sais (Dub)

Mind (Fatima + Floating Points)


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  1. […] video for “Sais”, an alternative take to the single-sided 10″ dub version that saw a limited record store day release and was featured on Four Tet’s Fabriclive 59 mix, […]

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