Golden Galapagoose

THE MONOME THRONE will always belong to Daedelus, godfather of the grid, but rumblings of an heir apparent shake from the land down under. At the epicenter is Melbourne native Trent Gill, serving up golden eggs as Galapagoose, the most recent being his Parquet EP.  With aftershock murmurs of an upcoming full length set to drop on Magical Properties, Galapagoose is primed to rattle the beatscene with his monome magic.

Parquet‘s signature track is “Milkwood (w/ Panorama)”.  A despondent Portuguese vocal sample floats through ghostly strings, woozy delayed synth, imploring bass line and broken house drum beat, creating an amorphous and opaque ambiance perfect for the reflective tilt.

The inverted jiggy of “Too Many”  and Mirrors For Eyes-like, ambient chandelier string glisterings of “Summersun” round out Parquet as a piquant EP to pump this summer.

Big ups to Altitude Sickness for looking out on this one. Download Parquet for free, and listen to other jams and the /parallelogram/ side project, at Galapagoose’s tumblr, and check out Galapagoose going to work on the monome below.


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