Eglo Summer Peeks

AIR (E)MAILED DIRECT from London by Alex Nut, co-founder of Eglo Records alongside Floating Points and head of promotion for All Young Kings, are two new cuts off the label for the summer, Mizz Beats’ “Pimpin” and Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam”.

“Pimpin” adds to the growing catalog of Eglo releases for Mizz Beats, whose Are We The Dictators? EP proved her propensity for dropping bass clobbers and bit chip bombs.  The track unfurls with a gooey, elastic synth ooze, opening to a Latin house drum track heavy on the conga blats.  Trilling strings weep for a somber 70s soulful touch, making “Pimpin” an intimate groove with undertones of a yearning heartache.  Check it out on Boomkat or below.

Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam” fires from the other side of the electronic spectrum, pummeling speaker boxes with acid rain synth drops and a retro 80s drum machine robotic beat.  Mesmerizing and amplifying, unapologetic and volatile, “Rolands Jam” is set to ravage summer sets as part of three song EP to be released in July.  Take a listen below.

Eglo is top of the list of labels on notice for 2011.  Alex Nut and Floating Points are brewing special concoctions across the pond.  Stay tuned for more.



2 Responses to “Eglo Summer Peeks”

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  2. […] has been atop the game for a minute, helping to champion the 303 with such classics as “Roland’s Jam” and “She’s Acid” as both a regular member of the Eglo family as well as […]

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