JOLTED INTO DUBMISSION from the bass blitzkrieg at Low End Theory last week by Death Grips, the latest Zach Hill incarnation, jazner has finally awoken from his shock induced coma, ready to discuss his trauma.

Death Grips takes no prisoners as it shreds apart audiences.  Gritty industrial grime, oppressive bludgeoning bass, raw ragged hip-hop flows, and trademark, wickedly abnormal live drumming from Hill create a frenetic punk energy that builds suspense and tension thick enough to slice with a knife.  Tempos break and crumble into new forms and patterns while samples and synths frantically stir mayhem with melody, all within an organized chaos system only Hill and friends understand.

The crew’s full length, Exmilitary, encapsulates the manic intensity of their live sets and is available for free download here.

“Lord Of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)” drops sonic bombs from a juke ghetto bird, the choppy industrial thumps blasting craters in the concrete.

“Culture Shock” whines like a robot undergoing surgery, backed by a swanky beat and mellow spoken word that make a surreal groove comfortably uncomfortable.

“Blood Creepin” smacks with reckless footworkin rhythms blazing at a high anxiety level that makes jazner grimace in ecstasy.

Death Grips is for those who ain’t afraid to get durty.  Less acid meltdown than Hill’s Church Gone Wild with Hella, Death Grips is no less intense and provoking in the best way possible.  Upcoming shows include Low End Theory in San Fransisco July 1st and NYC with Nguzunguzu, juke legend DJ Rashad, and others July 21st.  Peep game if you can hang..




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