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Foofy Town

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PSYCHEDELIC DISCO HOUSE churning from the farthest corners of the neon illuminated dance floor touches down on another installment of FACT magazine’s exclusive mix series.

Naughty number 269 could only be tamed by a producer willing to get foofy, playing matchmaker to old school cuts that’re unafraid of experimenting with one another and willing to push it through the red zone.

Only Daniel Martin-McCormick of Ital had the gall to produce this gender bending gem.  Rivaling Travis Stewart of Machinedrum as the hardest working man in the biz, FACT #269 is just the tip of the Ital iceberg.

Embarking on 100% Silk’s maiden voyage with “Ital’s Theme”, Martin-McCormick has since dropped another silky single, “Only For Tonight”, as well as “Culture Clubs” on his label Lovers Rock, and, of course, the Streetwise collabo with LA Vampires.

Ital doesn’t toy with preheating the oven, but goes straight for the fire with fellow 100% Silk-er Magic Touch’s “Clubhouse” busting out on the opening track.

Barbara Mason’s “Another Man” laments the loss of her man to…another man, taking on new interpretations as it’s revisited in our 21st Century, post-gender world.

The sitar threads beaming from Boredoms’ “House of Sun” wraps up the mix in an aura of cosmic introspection, allowing you to reflect on Ital’s wild ride.

Stealth bomber Ital is always dropping sonic booms, so don’t be surprised if jazner features another single here in the near future.  For now, enjoy the mix.


Magic Touch – Clubhouse (Ital edit)
Moodyman – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When it Hits
Round Two – New Day
Tony Lionni – Positive Vibration
Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest – In the Rainforest Approaching a Forest Camp
M.E. – R+B Drunkie
Barbara Mason – Another Man
Paris Is Burning excerpt
Ron Trent – I Feel the Rhythm
Man Parrish – Water Sports
Cassio Ware, Chip E. & The OG’s – I Wanna See You Freak (Like Dis)
Hieroglyphic Being – Ancient Echos (The Gherkin Tribute Sessions 2003)
Thomas Melchior & Luciano – Father
Omar-S feat Don Q – U
Boredoms – House of Sun

Ital’s Theme


Rubik’s Room(s)

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CUBE CODE CRACKED, Travis Stewart of Machinedrum finally opened the door(s) to his much anticipated album Room(s) off Planet Mu, to the ecstatic delight of jazner and the rest of the electro-world.

Christening its release, Stewart produced a riotous Rubik video for “GBYE”, available above.

Room(s) has been on the radar for some time now, and it’s arrival did not disappoint.  Juke’s footprints are stomped all over the LP, noticeable right from the start, with “She Died There”‘s wonky vocal sample slyly shifting shape to echo ‘Chicago’, footwork’s birthplace.

Fusing juke with jungle, drum n’ bass and house, Machinedrum created an eclectic future forward album that challenges genre lines and reimagines the electronic soundscape.  Cuts like “Now U Know The Deal 4 Real”, “U Don’t Survive”, and “Come1” bring in sassy R&B swooshes that color Room(s) with sexy shades of soulful croons.

Not to be forgotten is Machinedrum’s EP Alarma, available on wax from Lucky Me.  Take a listen to the ‘cheeky’ “IMABRAT” below.  There’s also a super special EP Ecstasy Boom, only available for those who purchased Room(s).  Peep the website for details on how to cop it.

Does this guy ever take a break?  Let’s hope not, the party’s just gettin started.



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STUDIO 54, WELCOME to the 21st Century.  No, you were not conjured from the dead and reincarnated in a cyperpunk dystopia.  You’re just in LA, where Amanda and Britt Brown of 100% Silk teamed up last week with illusive leader of the LA underground space Freak City for an all night dance party featuring digital disco reimaginators Magic Touch, Innergaze, Pharaohs, and more.

Expect 12″s from all three groups to drop on 100% Silk in the very near summer future. 

Unlike John Maus, whose live set sacrifices the services of a band in exchange for an empty stage with room to wile out on prerecorded tracks like a seasoned dive bar karaoke star, all the performers at the 100% Silk gala recreated their sound live.

Synth keys felt the touch of human finger tips.  Drum machines with classic 80s techno effects were struck with enough force that would make Derrick May and Juan Atkins smile from Detroit.  Even a live saxophone blared through woozy disco effects, showering the crowd with its brass luster.

If you’re aching to dust off that disco ball and throw on your dancing shoes sooner rather than later, peep Sir Stephen’s silky 12″ By Design, available now.  Download the space-wash single “Milk N Honey” or tune in to “Public Style” below.

Want to get a little more foofy?  Check your gender at the door and watch the teaser for Magic Touch’s “Clubhouse” off their upcoming 12″, as well as Inngergaze’s funky robotic “Shadow Disco”.

The underground follows its own rules, which it strives to break.  So toss out the 20-year retro rule of thumb, because really, who wants to relive Limp Bizkit, Crazytown, and the rest of the 90s anyways? 

Lab Loungin

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HOT OFF THIS week’s release of his debut EP Outtacontrol on Daedelus’ Magical Properties label, LDFD headed back to the beat lab for an exclusive mix available through Percussion Lab.  Listen to and download it here.

Right from the start, you’ll be roped in with Erykah Badu’s poignant and powerful “Window Seat”, which you can watch in full below.  The mix moves along with a whole cast of jazner favorites, from the Sepalcure remix of Daedelus’ “Tailor-Made” and Machinedrum’s “Sacred Frequency”, to tracks and remixes by Friends of Friends friends Shlohmo and Groundislava, with a Galapagoose track to boot.


Erykah Badu – Window Seat
LDFD – Volcanodigit
LDFD – Mucho Mango
Groundislava – Young Lava
LDFD – Outtacontrol (Screwed)
Andy Stott – Intermittent
Mosca – Tilt Shift
Lunice – Fancy Forty
Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In Tha Paint (Shlohmo’s sit down remix)
LDFD – (airportbeat)
Jamie XX – Far Nearer
Julio Bashmore – Ribble to Amazon
LDFD – Imagine
Mount Kimbie – Ruby
Ciara/Girl Unit/Kingdom – Ride It/Every Time
Clicks & Whistles – Neva Get Caught
LDFD – Cornbread
Juicy J – Who Da Neighbors
James Blake – Give a Man a Rod (2nd Version)
LDFD – Twerk It
Daedelus – Tailor-Made (Sepalcure Remix)
Galapagoose – Summersun
LDFD – Pinheiro
Clicks & Whistles – Cranberry Goose (Distal Remix)
Cedaa – Sapphire
Distal – Android Tourism (LDFD Remix)
Machinedrum – Sacred Frequency
Tyler, The Creator – VCR
Thundercat – Daylight

Hot Zone

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UNCAP THE ANTIDOTE and pull the plunger on that rig cuz it’s high season for infectious beats.  Contaminating the internets with viral virtuosity are three new remixes from Friends of Friends witch doctors Shlohmo and Salva, brewing cerebral maladies whose only cure is hitting repeat and letting those antibodies stack.

Shlohmo, in anticipation of his Aug. 9th release of Bad Vibes on FoF, single-handedly put the blogosphere in fits with new takes on Degrassi alum Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” and Burial’s “Shell of Light”.  Each track reflects Shlohmo’s current trajectory of lateral, airy, roomy beats rich in space, gossamer, and floating like a vapor.  Take a listen below.

Salva, whose Complex Housing was an early no brainer pick for the Best of 2011 lookout list, just dropped a remix of DZA “Zoo Keeper” on Error Broadcast that you can listen to below.  Breaking it down with a sultry half-time drum track, Salva rains sticky synth rifts with broad wooshy strokes and a jazner favorite 808 cowbell for a funky jam perfect for the summer late night dance party.

Big things are bubbling at Friends of Friends, you ain’t heard nothing yet!  Keep watch for Bad Vibes to drop in the coming weeks, as well as a Salva EP and Frite Nite compilation in the works coming soon to a stereo near you.

Drake – Marvin’s Room (Shlohmo’s thru da floor remix)

Burial – Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix)

DZA – Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix)

Wise Up

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GOOEY DUB THRUMMINGS rumble through tape loop hissings as starchy asphalt beats ground phantom vocals on Streetwise, the latest 12″ of pavement proverbs unfurled by Amanda Brown and Daniel Martin-McCormick as LA Vampires Goes Ital on Not Not Fun RecordsCheck out a previous post for the title track video.

Streetwise jumbles thumping syrupy rhythms and chirruping alien melodies that are primed for a melty disco dance floor at a haunted house party.  Bumpin beats are shadowed by phantasmagoric synth pings and woozy vocal murmurs that gel together to form an extraterrestrial mix of wild weirdness, or as the NNF site describes, “a real mutant zone”.

“The Chic Shall Inherit The Earth” patches a cosmo-collage of translucent synth beams, wispy vocal effects and relentless drum clops that sync in and out of time like a planet on a boundless orbit.

“Tons Of Love” sets the mood with candlelight whistling flickers and a churning rhythm lusting for a lunge at pleasure.  Take a listen at The Wire along with a few other NNF tracks.

Going where no dub has gone before, NNF continues to push the limits, spaces and realms that are attainable through music.  Sink your fangs into LA Vampires Goes Ital and find out what it means to be Streetwise.

Fun Not Not Fun Vol. 1

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DANK CAVERNOUS BRUMBLINGS bellow with worldly psychedelic tones on the newly minted Enlightenment 7″ from Sebastien Forrester’s Holy Strays project, pressed on vinyl for the very first time by Amanda and Britt Brown’s Not Not Fun Records.

The A-side “Enlightenment” globetrots across the musical spectrum, conjuring sacred sounds and mystifying moods that blossom in a colorful bounty of cosmic incarnations.  Hollow drums open on a tantric tide awash in solemn Zen temple vibes, a Malian kora-like string melody singeing desperado acid patches on the entrancing ebb and flow.  Profound godly vocals open into a kaleidoscope swirl of blatting drum breaks and imploring synths that brighten the path to pleasure through “Enlightenment”.

B-side “Phrenesia” blasts off on a technicolor space venture to the outer regions of the electro-stratosphere.  Thumping lo-fi drum patterns chase ghostly vocal samples, robotic warbles and starry synths through a floating haze of meteor dust.  Take a listen below.

Special thanks to Amanda and Britt Brown for this gem and all that you’ve done with NNF.  Keep your ears peeled for a Holy Strays full length to drop some time in the not not future.