Sleepytime BOBBY

HOLDING THE TITLE as reigning “Nap Champ” can be an exhausting task, especially when you’re on a national tour with Thao + Mirah playing shows every night and all you wanna do is cuddle for a quick minute.  But a bare bones BOBBY found a second to lay down an acoustic version of a new track during a tuck in sesh with our friends over at Sleepover Shows.

“Throat Thinging” features the vocal tandem of Tom Greenberg and Paolo Menuez in ways unexplored on their debut album BOBBY.  There is an earthy, autumnal, crinkle leafy feel with rich crunchy wordplay and a smooth guitar flow.  Martin Zimmermann wraps it up at the end of the track with impromptu throat singing that sounds like frogs bumbling on a bayou.

Also included is an alternate version of “Shimmychick” packed with a new ending for your pleasure.  Check it out below.  Cut!


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