Fun Not Not Fun Vol. 1

DANK CAVERNOUS BRUMBLINGS bellow with worldly psychedelic tones on the newly minted Enlightenment 7″ from Sebastien Forrester’s Holy Strays project, pressed on vinyl for the very first time by Amanda and Britt Brown’s Not Not Fun Records.

The A-side “Enlightenment” globetrots across the musical spectrum, conjuring sacred sounds and mystifying moods that blossom in a colorful bounty of cosmic incarnations.  Hollow drums open on a tantric tide awash in solemn Zen temple vibes, a Malian kora-like string melody singeing desperado acid patches on the entrancing ebb and flow.  Profound godly vocals open into a kaleidoscope swirl of blatting drum breaks and imploring synths that brighten the path to pleasure through “Enlightenment”.

B-side “Phrenesia” blasts off on a technicolor space venture to the outer regions of the electro-stratosphere.  Thumping lo-fi drum patterns chase ghostly vocal samples, robotic warbles and starry synths through a floating haze of meteor dust.  Take a listen below.

Special thanks to Amanda and Britt Brown for this gem and all that you’ve done with NNF.  Keep your ears peeled for a Holy Strays full length to drop some time in the not not future.



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