Wise Up

GOOEY DUB THRUMMINGS rumble through tape loop hissings as starchy asphalt beats ground phantom vocals on Streetwise, the latest 12″ of pavement proverbs unfurled by Amanda Brown and Daniel Martin-McCormick as LA Vampires Goes Ital on Not Not Fun RecordsCheck out a previous post for the title track video.

Streetwise jumbles thumping syrupy rhythms and chirruping alien melodies that are primed for a melty disco dance floor at a haunted house party.  Bumpin beats are shadowed by phantasmagoric synth pings and woozy vocal murmurs that gel together to form an extraterrestrial mix of wild weirdness, or as the NNF site describes, “a real mutant zone”.

“The Chic Shall Inherit The Earth” patches a cosmo-collage of translucent synth beams, wispy vocal effects and relentless drum clops that sync in and out of time like a planet on a boundless orbit.

“Tons Of Love” sets the mood with candlelight whistling flickers and a churning rhythm lusting for a lunge at pleasure.  Take a listen at The Wire along with a few other NNF tracks.

Going where no dub has gone before, NNF continues to push the limits, spaces and realms that are attainable through music.  Sink your fangs into LA Vampires Goes Ital and find out what it means to be Streetwise.


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