STUDIO 54, WELCOME to the 21st Century.  No, you were not conjured from the dead and reincarnated in a cyperpunk dystopia.  You’re just in LA, where Amanda and Britt Brown of 100% Silk teamed up last week with illusive leader of the LA underground space Freak City for an all night dance party featuring digital disco reimaginators Magic Touch, Innergaze, Pharaohs, and more.

Expect 12″s from all three groups to drop on 100% Silk in the very near summer future. 

Unlike John Maus, whose live set sacrifices the services of a band in exchange for an empty stage with room to wile out on prerecorded tracks like a seasoned dive bar karaoke star, all the performers at the 100% Silk gala recreated their sound live.

Synth keys felt the touch of human finger tips.  Drum machines with classic 80s techno effects were struck with enough force that would make Derrick May and Juan Atkins smile from Detroit.  Even a live saxophone blared through woozy disco effects, showering the crowd with its brass luster.

If you’re aching to dust off that disco ball and throw on your dancing shoes sooner rather than later, peep Sir Stephen’s silky 12″ By Design, available now.  Download the space-wash single “Milk N Honey” or tune in to “Public Style” below.

Want to get a little more foofy?  Check your gender at the door and watch the teaser for Magic Touch’s “Clubhouse” off their upcoming 12″, as well as Inngergaze’s funky robotic “Shadow Disco”.

The underground follows its own rules, which it strives to break.  So toss out the 20-year retro rule of thumb, because really, who wants to relive Limp Bizkit, Crazytown, and the rest of the 90s anyways? 


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