Rubik’s Room(s)

CUBE CODE CRACKED, Travis Stewart of Machinedrum finally opened the door(s) to his much anticipated album Room(s) off Planet Mu, to the ecstatic delight of jazner and the rest of the electro-world.

Christening its release, Stewart produced a riotous Rubik video for “GBYE”, available above.

Room(s) has been on the radar for some time now, and it’s arrival did not disappoint.  Juke’s footprints are stomped all over the LP, noticeable right from the start, with “She Died There”‘s wonky vocal sample slyly shifting shape to echo ‘Chicago’, footwork’s birthplace.

Fusing juke with jungle, drum n’ bass and house, Machinedrum created an eclectic future forward album that challenges genre lines and reimagines the electronic soundscape.  Cuts like “Now U Know The Deal 4 Real”, “U Don’t Survive”, and “Come1” bring in sassy R&B swooshes that color Room(s) with sexy shades of soulful croons.

Not to be forgotten is Machinedrum’s EP Alarma, available on wax from Lucky Me.  Take a listen to the ‘cheeky’ “IMABRAT” below.  There’s also a super special EP Ecstasy Boom, only available for those who purchased Room(s).  Peep the website for details on how to cop it.

Does this guy ever take a break?  Let’s hope not, the party’s just gettin started.



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