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Burner Break

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CUTTING TO THE chase, jazner is just moments away from departing for Burning Man 2011 – Rites Of Passage, meaning this site will be on hiatus for the next week.  Don’t fret though, here are a few highlights from the past week as well as a couple jamz that will be echoing throughout the playa.

  • SHLOHMO dropped his FACT mix this past Friday, take a listen below, and don’t forget to peep the interview and obscure tracklist that sets a new precedent for FACT mixes
  • 100% Silk has some new releases that jazner can’t wait to dive into during his decompression from the Burn.  Here’s Octo Octa‘s smurfy disco cut off their latest 12″

    Don’t forget Magic Touch‘s debauchee video for “I Can Feel The Heat”, so apropos for the Black Rock Desert
  • Our good friend Altitude Sickness, who will be taking his famous tupperware monome to the playa, gives us a sneak peak of some new mash-up beats and customized visuals in his latest video for Dublab, “Dublabdub”.
  • And finally, a new jam from Ryan York (aka Asura) entitled “If I Am This Forest”, a crystal quartz glitterati cut off good friend Brian Simon’s label Non Projects.

Hope you enjoy all this new music.  Keep in touch, when we’re back there’ll be more in store to satiate your dusty eardrums!


Couldn’t leave for the playa with out giving respect to disco queen Cheryl Lynn – see you @ BRC!!! )*(



Turned Out

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FOOF HANGS LOOSE at the jazner discotheque, dangling with pride as disco ball speckles and fabulous spirits intermix on highs that make Mt. Everest jealous.  Don’t get written up hiding in the corner like a chaperon, plant your good foot down and flaunt your mating feathers with the debut mix from Young Adults, mastered by Salva, off the newly formed Friends Of Friends sub-label YA.

YA 003 is jam packed with dazzling cuts and transgendered transfixions titillating all walks of life at all hours of the night.

Suzanne Kraft’s “Turning” flips the glamor switch, setting the intro tone for a long night of grinding ahead.

The heat really gets scalding around the 27′ mark, reaching its apex at 35′ with Tensnake’s “Something About You” hittin spots and droppin drawers across the board.  So saucy it had to be singled out, check the official video, and complete YA 003 tracklist, below.

jazner can already feel the Black Rock City burn and dust caking his skin, ready to soak it all in with this flamboyant mix as the soundtrack.  Download it and let it ride!


1. Suzanne Kraft – Turning
2. Erdbeerschnitzel – To An End (Tuff CIty Kids Remix)
3. AFMB – In My Life
4. Maceo Plex – Falling
5. 6th Burough Project – Changin’
6. Tensnake – Something About You
7. Benoit & Sergio – Everybody
8. Hunee – Like That
9. John Talabot – Families f/ Glasser (Lonely Club Refix)
10. Mark E – The Day

Welcome Party

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BOOM BLAP BOOGIE celebrating the debut of Eglo Record’s website, where all sorts of treats, sneak peaks and beats are now available online from the UK family that features Floating Points, Fatima, Alexander Nut, and many more fresh and funky friends.

Ringing in their online presence is a free download present from Funkineven and Fatima entitled “Yellow Sound”, a mellow gold jam that journeys through all the colors of the rainbow for a ROY G BIV ride of radiance and filthy funk primed to set the dance-floor ablaze in luminescence.

Download “Yellow Sound” here.

Eglo is always On Notice here at jazner headquarters, and it’s great to see the crew alive and vibin on their personalized site.  Always positive, bright and alternative, Eglo pumps beats that don’t know the meaning of ‘shelf life’.  Stay posted for more jamz to come.

Machinedrum Samplr

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seesea (Preview)

Faces (Preview)


IT’S HARD ENOUGH finding time in the day to properly absorb all that Travis Stewart offers as Machinedrum, considering Room(s) has been on repeat all summer.

But Stewart dropped three new track previews on his Soundcould last week that broke one spell, if only to create another.

Like Machinedrum’s 10 year career, “seesea”, “Faces”, and “Masq” come from all different angles of the electrosphere, shattering genre restrictions to produce hybridized sounds and melded marvels of reimagination.

The perfect swan song of the summer, “seesea” is a sun-speckled, sunscreen splash in synth with aqueous glints of azure vocal samples and riptide bass that pull you in for one last splash in Neptune’s watery world.

Wasting no time, “Faces” rushes straight to the boogie, getting wacky on 80s inspired G-Foof spunk funk with throwback drum and synth tracks

Ominous, industrial, and unnerving, “Masq” rounds out the trio in frazzled fashion, spreading bliztkrieg air siren bombs atop tropical style drum kicks and acid synth droplets.

Enjoy the tracks and stay posted for full versions, as well as other new Machinedrum material to come.

DJ jazner Day Jammer

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Beans – Blue Movie (Salva Remix)

FORGET THE LEAVES, bass bombs are locked in and loaded ready to drop this Fall from Frite Nite commander-in-beats and OG Friends Of Friends soldier Salva, who’s servin up a saucy remix of Beans’ “Blue Movie” before hitting the road on tour with the likes of Shlohmo, Machinedrum, EPROM and more.

A staple of Salva’s live sets, “Blue Movie” never fails to get booties bouncing on the dance floor, bursting out the block with Salva’s signature wonky synth, demolishing bass, and aggro vocal sample that’s got bounce for days.

A true club king, Salva is always pushing his sound and transforming his beats in ways unparalleled by most.  Catch him live one of these dates and see for yourself.

31-Aug-2011 – LA – Low End Theory
07-Sep-2011 – South Lake Tahoe – Montbleu
08-Sep-2011 – Reno – Wurk
09-Sep-2011 – Lake Tahoe – Crystal Bay Club
15-Sep-2011 – Buffalo – DBGB – w/ Shlohmo
16-Sep-2011 – Montreal – Club Lambi – w/ Shlohmo
17-Sep-2011 – NYC – Studio at Webster – w/ Shlohmo
23-Sep-2011 – Vegas – House of Blues – w/ Machinedrum
24-Sep-2011 – Phoenix – 910 Live
29-Sep-2011 – Madison – The Majestic – w/ Ana Sia, Eprom, Epcot
30-Oct-2011 – Chicago – The Mid – w/ Pantyraid, Ana Sia, Eprom, Epcot
01-Oct-2011 – Seattle – Decibel Festival – Frite Nite Showcase w/ EPROM and Comma
06-Oct-2011 – Victoria – Club 919 – w/ Eprom
07-Oct-2011 – Vancouver – Five Sixty – w/ Eprom
08-Oct-2011 – Nelson – Spirit Bar – w/ Eprom
13-Oct-2011 – Portland – Holocene – w/ Eprom
14-Oct-2011 – Ashland – Culture Works – w/ Eprom
15-Oct-2011 – Arcata – Arcata Theatre – w/ Ana Sia, Eprom, NastyNasty
21-Oct-2011 – Santa Cruz – Don Quixotes – w/ Ana Sia, Eprom, NastyNasty
22-Oct-2011 – San Francisco – Mezzanine – w/ Eprom, Ana Sia, Chrissy Murderbot, B. Bravo, and more

Piece On Peace

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ADVERSITY TAKES MANY forms, challenging different peoples in different ways to dig deep, get creative and power through their problem using whatever means they’ve got.

London and Detroit, two distinct cities with decidedly disparate economic, cultural, and historical realities, share a rich musical tradition that has carried each community in times of crises, present and past.

The recent riots in London illustrated the darker side of the human condition, with heartless violence, gluttonous looting, blind muggings, and mob destruction running rampant in the streets for nearly a week.

But the video for “Mind”, top, by Fatima and Floating Points off their Follow You EP, offers a brighter picture of life across the pond, a stark contrast from the endless riot footage that was passed around ad nauseam in the media.

Fatima, a beautiful and confident woman brimming with positivity, shines her smiles upon the city street as she strolls through the marketplace, accompanied by Floating Points’ light, jazzy Rhodes rifts, balmy bass and soulful drum kicks.

Peaceful, hopeful, and carefree, Fatima contributes her tremendous vocal skills to bettering her community and lends a constructive and stable voice to a city in flux.

Pair “Mind” with Resident Adviser’s Real Scenes: Detroit documentary, above, and one will see the transcendent power of music in full.

Real Scenes has an incredible soundtrack, with tracks from Scott Grooves, Mike Huckaby, Kyle Hall, and many other greats leading a sonic tour through one of electronic music’s most hallowed cities.

While Detroit’s landscape and infrastructure may appear post-apocalyptic, the electronic soundscape is flourishing and thriving, providing an outlet for young artists and fans to escape and find solace in music.

No matter how hard things may get, one can never give up and lose hope.  The human spirit is infinitely stronger than any material, authoritative, or economic obstacles standing in the way, and music is the wing that can carry us over the hurdle.

There will always be a place and energy for young people to unite and shake their butts in unison.  So before you pick up that rock, rob that store, or lose all hope in your community, pick up the stylus and take a record for a spin, see if you can channel your energy through rhythm rather than destruction.

xxxy / Ike Release Split

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TAG TEAM EFFORT from Manchester’s Rupert Taylor of xxxy and Ike Release, who recently joined forces and shared new music from their 12″ split off Infrasonics.

xxxy’s “Body Movin'” and “Swing Those Hips” inject filthy CCs of potent electronic beat cocktails that work out all corporal kinks through a full dub treatment using UK Bass, garage, and house tinctures.

Layered guttural tribal drums, delicate synth washes and what sounds like an early hip-hop sample build and keep “Body Movin'” through the late hours of the night.

“Swing Those Hips” glides on rave revivalist synth breaks that melt into round and raunchy bass slaps, all sprinkled over a UK funky style beat that brings a sly club vibe into the mix.

Ike Release’s subtle and pulsating tracks, “Don’t Know” and “Outrun”, produce stripped down, minimal sounds that illumine essential elements of garage’s grit and dub’s richness.

Hungry for more?  Check out xxxy’s recent XLR8R podcast.  Just keep those basslines churning baby.

Body Movin’

Swing Those Hips

Don’t Know