October Spook Sesh

FORGET THE MORTGAGE crisis, the market’s about to get all flustered as Frite Nite officially announced the juicy details to their compilation, Surreal Estate, set to drop October 4th as the label’s lucky 13th release with exclusive tracks from Sepalcure, XI, Ghosts On Tape, plus Salva, B. Bravo, and the whole Frite Nite roster.

And all right before Halloween?  It’s about to get real juke spooky in here.

Surreal Estate is mixed and compiled by Frite Nite matriarch Ana Sia, who plots a distinct spot on the electronic map by offering a diverse mix of footwork, dubstep, and funk.

No tracks available yet, sorry!  In the meantime, peep is a track list below.

1. Sepalcure – Deep City Insects
2. Comma – Vacancy
3. XI – Whiteout
4. Kuru & UFO! – Aoki
5. DJG – Rites
6. Distal – Mamanimal
7. Starkey & Epcot – Surreal Estate
8. Eprom – Twerkul8
9. B. Bravo & Teeko – Drop It!
10. Quitter – Street Codes
11. NastyNasty – Suffocating
12. Cosmic Revenge – Frostbite
13. Ghosts on Tape – Video Void
14. Salva – Policy
15. S0n!ka – Down Time
16. Danny Corn – Curiophilia
17. Wheez-ie – As I Watch It Unravel

Frite Nite Crew


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