xxxy / Ike Release Split

TAG TEAM EFFORT from Manchester’s Rupert Taylor of xxxy and Ike Release, who recently joined forces and shared new music from their 12″ split off Infrasonics.

xxxy’s “Body Movin'” and “Swing Those Hips” inject filthy CCs of potent electronic beat cocktails that work out all corporal kinks through a full dub treatment using UK Bass, garage, and house tinctures.

Layered guttural tribal drums, delicate synth washes and what sounds like an early hip-hop sample build and keep “Body Movin'” through the late hours of the night.

“Swing Those Hips” glides on rave revivalist synth breaks that melt into round and raunchy bass slaps, all sprinkled over a UK funky style beat that brings a sly club vibe into the mix.

Ike Release’s subtle and pulsating tracks, “Don’t Know” and “Outrun”, produce stripped down, minimal sounds that illumine essential elements of garage’s grit and dub’s richness.

Hungry for more?  Check out xxxy’s recent XLR8R podcast.  Just keep those basslines churning baby.

Body Movin’

Swing Those Hips

Don’t Know



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